Press Release – I.A. Hedin Bil has published its annual report and sustainability report

I.A. Hedin Bil has published its annual report for 2018. The annual report contains a company overview, audited financial statements and the administration report. I.A. Hedin Bil has also published its sustainability report for 2018 in Swedish.  Anders Hedin, Owner and CEO, says: “2018 was another eventful year for us as a group. During the year, […]

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Press Release – Anders Hedin Invest acquires 11% in British Pendragon

The investment in Pendragon is passive in nature and done with the belief that the UK automotive business ­– also after a possible Brexit – will be attractive and a benchmark for the industry. Anders Hedin Invest AB has acquired 11,61% of the shares in British Pendragon including private owned shares. The investment is passive […]

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Press Release – Hedin Bil has published its year-end report for 2018

Anders Hedin, Owner and CEO: What a year we have experienced in the market and in Hedin Bil! New tax rules, emission regulation, changing customer expectations and the ongoing development of vehicles with non-fossil fuel drivetrains created a varied year, but it is in change that we find new possibilities! We capitalized on those opportunities […]

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Press Release – Hedin Bil continues to grow in Belgium

Today Hedin Bil took over the operations of Star Repair, a small body and paint shop in Lier, Belgium. I.A. Hedin Bil AB, through its Belgian brand Hedin Automotive continues to grow in Belgium. Today    the company has taken over the operations of body and paint shop Star Repair in Lier. The small shop is […]

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Press Release – Hedin Bil now operates Skadecenter i Borås

On the 1st of November, Hedin Bil started to operate Skadecenter i Borås. Until the 31st of December, the operations will continue as before only to become Borås most modern damage center on January 1st.  Gothenburg November 5, 2018 In October, I.A. Hedin Bil AB acquired, through its subsidiary Hedin Göteborg Bil AB, the company […]

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Press Release – KW Cars Grimbodalen now belongs to Hedin Bil

On November 1, KW Cars Grimbodalen changed name to Hedin Bil Grimbodalen. In conjunction, the dealership is moved from KW Cars AB into the sister company I.A. Hedin Bil AB. Gothenburg, November 2, 2018 KW Cars was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Anders Hedin Invest-owned Klintberg & Way Group AB with the purpose […]

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Press Release – Hedin Bil has published its third quarter results for 2018

Gothenburg November 2, 2018 Anders Hedin, Owner and CEO: “Our expansion into the Belgian market continued in the third quarter with the acquisition of five Mercedes-Benz passenger car sales and aftermarket service dealerships around Antwerp from Andries NV. We also agreed to acquire two large Mercedes-Benz passenger car, commercial vehicles and truck dealerships strategically located […]

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Press Release – Hedin Bil opens its seventh Ford dealership

On November 1, it is time for the opening of Hedin Bil’s seventh Ford dealership. At Vikdalsgränd 1, the dealership will offer the entire Ford product range and transit center. Gothenburg, November 1st, 2018 In recent months there has been an ongoing transformation at the former Peugeot’s premises. Out with the old and in with […]

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Press Release – Hedin Bil launches Hedin Certified with the vision of becoming Sweden’s largest online/ offline dealer of used cars

On November 1, Hedin Bil launches Hedin Certified which will give Hedin Bil a unique position on the used car market. Gothenburg, October 31, 2018 We believe that the trade of used cars in Sweden is a major part of the future car trade, but that it can become more professional than it is at […]

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News – The grand opening of Hedin Bil in Helsingborg

After just over two years of renovations, the 50 employees of Hedin Bil in Helsingborg will officially open their new workplace on Thursday. On September 20th, one of Helsingborg’s most prestigious car dealerships is inaugurated. Gothenburg, 18 September, 2018. The dealership, which has been in Hedin Bil’s possession since 1995, has undergone a proper transformation […]

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