Press Release – Hedin Bil has published its year-end report for 2018

Anders Hedin, Owner and CEO:

What a year we have experienced in the market and in Hedin Bil! New tax rules, emission regulation, changing customer expectations and the ongoing development of vehicles with non-fossil fuel drivetrains created a varied year, but it is in change that we find new possibilities! We capitalized on those opportunities and increased our market share both in existing business and through acquisitions.

During the fourth quarter, our home markets decreased as a volatile year ended. At the same time, Hedin Bil’s market share increased, proving the strength in the Hedin Bil business model that has been built over time.

We have focused our resources on consolidation of acquired businesses and reviewing our long-term plans. The automotive market is changing and we are always focused on being at the fore-front to meet customer expectations. We already offer our customers accessible and high value for money solutions to driving a car, with financing, service, insurance and winter tires in one package, either with the flexibility of owning your car through Car Buy, or by the comfort of private lease through CarPlus. In addition to the important new car sales, we have increased the focus on used cars and aftermarket services in 2018.

As part of our long-term plan to offer an attractive used car concept, we launched Hedin Certified online and in selected dealerships in November. Hedin Certified offers used cars at fixed prices, with a price guarantee and free delivery to our dealership closest to the customer. To buy a used car with Hedin Bil is safe, easy and brings value for money. And now it is only a click away.

Today, our website is the display window most customers visit and in November we launched hedinbil.se in a new format. Every week, up to two hundred thousand visits are made by around one hundred thousand unique visitors. With updated and simplified online service booking and an expanded offer with paint and rim repair we also meet the client’s expectations of an easily accessible one stop shop.

As I have written earlier during 2018, we are in an unpredictable short-term market situation that will stabilize as the product offering is updated with non-fossil fuelled drivetrain vehicles in 2019 and 2020.

The full year-end report is available on www.hedinbil.se.

For further information, please contact:

Emma Andersson, Corporate Communication Manager Anders Hedin Invest AB
emma.andersson@andershedininvest.se, +46 (0) 707-936053